About Us



Our company was established on the foundations of Teknik Akvaryum, one of the founding companies of the sector, which has been serving in the domestic animal husbandry sector since 1954, passing all the needs of our customers and dealers through the experience filter gained by years of experience, and providing the service and results needed by the pet owners and sales points. works on the axis of product diversity.

Our company is carrying out 14000 kinds of products, 21 stores and online sales services under the brands of Petbox, Evcilbesinleri.com, Petgezegen.com and Natura Pet by Tropik with our team of 80 people in our 2000 m2 logistics center in Istanbul Esenyurt Agora Business Center.

All products that we offer to our customers and dealers are tested by our company and added to our product range considering customer satisfaction, profitability and inventory turnover rates. In line with our belief in the permanent development of our sector, but in the development of all its units together, our company pays attention to choosing products that can provide satisfaction in all of the procurement, sales and usage processes and has adopted the win-win principle.